Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcoming Baby Jack Dewing

We had a couples baby shower for Jennie and Steve Dewing to welcome baby Jack. He is due the end of February and we can't wait. The theme of the shower was "Cute as a Button". It was at Meghan and Jon's house and it was nice to see everyone. It had been a while since we had all been together. Mike and Stacie couldn't be there though, they were in NYC for a weekend getaway!

We played a few games at this shower because at our shower, all the guys kept asking to play games. The first game was for the guys only! They had a drinking in baby bottles! Matt won by a landslide, but later revealed he had cut the tip off the nipple. Cheater!

The second game was putting a diaper on a stuffed animal. It was a game for 2 partners. The one partner sat in a chair and held the stuffed animal. The other partner was standing behind with their eyes closed and was directed by the seated partner on how to put the diaper on. Nicole and Jen won!

While opening the presents, Matt had a little surprise for Jennie and Steve. Apparently he received a message from Baby Jack and wrote it on his undershirt and delivered it to Jennie and Steve. It said "Dear Mom and Dad,  No more sleep for you!  Sincerely, Jack".  He can be quite the character.

It was a fun way to prepare for Jack and we can't wait for him to arrive!

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