Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Matt is still my #1 Valentine, but this year, we both had a new sweetheart! I tried taking her picture when she woke up, but she really wanted no part in it. I love how her feet are crossed in some of the pictures! She was quite relaxed and wanted to be left alone!

She received a Valentine holder with her name on it and some dresses from her Gigi and Papa. Matt and I also bought her clothes and some new hairbows (shocker!). Matt bought her M&Ms and said he would eat them for her! Funny guy! Then she received some deliveries of balloons and a stuffed animal from her Mimi and Papa. She loves watching the balloon! And her cousins Mollie and Carson sent her a juice box holder, yogurt melts, and some adorable socks! Amelia was one loved girl today...and everyday!

We had a quiet night at home and ate a fancy dinner of grilled cheese! Matt and I have a date night planned soon, but this week was just too hectic.

The flash is too bright this early in the morning!

Mom, I am too relaxed for picture taking!

Seriously mom, I am over it!

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