Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

It is 2011! We got engaged in 2009, married in 2010, and were curious as to what 2011 would bring. Our question was answered on the morning of New Years Eve. We took a pregnancy test and found out we were expecting our first child! What a blessing and an amazing way to start 2011! We laughed, shed a few tears, and then nausea set in (mainly for Matt! hahaha!).  We saw the heartbeat at our first appointment with Dr. Richmond on Monday 1/24/2011. It was one of the most amazing moments in both of our lives. Seeing the heartbeat made the pregnancy real.  It was then time to start telling our extended family. We told our immediate families as soon as we found out. It was an awesome feeling to share our news with our parents and siblings.
Based on the ultrasound, our due date is somewhere between September 5-12. We will have an exact date after our next ultrasound scheduled for February 28th. We will keep you posted. Please check back for pictures and updates. We will take pictures of my belly once it starts to grow!

The pictures posted are of the morning we found out (looking a little rough) and that night at the Dewing's New Year's Eve party. As you can see, I was looking a bit green. I was having a rough night with nausea. It was hard to hide it and I think a few people figured it out!

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  1. So happy you started a blog! You will love looking back at this special time in your lives. Looking forward to following it!