Saturday, March 5, 2011

2nd trimester celebration!

We made it to trimester #2! Mark and Nicole invited us to celebrate this landmark! Nicole is due with baby #2 on September 6th, so I am close behind. They have already found out they are having a boy and naming him Declan. We enjoyed a nice dinner at III Forks. Bob and Laura were able to join us as well. We had a pretty swanky private room with a large plasma tv. The guys were pretty happy to have ESPN and basketball on during dinner. Nicole looks great and it was fun to chit chat about similar things we are both experiencing. I love having a friend going through this at the same time. Nicole has a friend Janice that unfortunately couldn't make it. She is also due September 12th, but with her 4th child! She also sees Dr. Barnes and ROC, so I was looking forward to picking her brain. We will have to plan another girls night!

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