Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week 16, lots of excitement!

This is week 16 already! 4 months, unbelievable. We finally have our appointment this week at ROC. We meet with Dr. Villano at 2:30 on Tuesday. She was the chief OB resident at Shands Gainesville when I worked there, so it will be nice to see a familiar face. I rode the elevator with her last week and told her I would be paying her a visit soon. We are anxious to have some questions answered, remeasure the tumor, and hopefully find out the gender of BabyE! Then we hop on a flight Wednesday morning to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It has snowed there this past week so Matt is excited to hit the slopes. Although, he is really out of shape and nervous about being sore!

This week, tiny bones are forming in baby's ears. I have been talking to the baby all along, but this week he/she will actually be able to hear me (as much as I talk, that may not be a good thing). Eyebrows, lashes, and hair (maybe sideburns like Daddy's!) are starting to fill in, and taste buds are forming. BabyE is the size of an avocado. Funny, because I have been eating a lot of those lately. I love them!

We were supposed to close on the new house Monday, but the bank pushed the closing back to April 14th, because they were dragging their feet on some paperwork. This has certainly been a learning experience and I hope I am in this house until my kids drop me off at a nursing home! This is not a fun experience and the poor people of Wells Fargo Mortgage got an earful from me this week. It is kind of like "Who's On First""!?!?!

Here is my 16 week picture. I found a maternity jean skirt I love and a couple more tops at Target and Gap. I weighed in this morning with a 5lb overall weight gain! Still loving cheese, fruit, milk, and now avocados. I am not liking meat as much though. I am ok with chicken and shrimp, but not loving pork or beef so much. I had to start eating Fiber1 bars, if you know what I mean! I had my first (and hopefully last) experience of morning sickness the other day. I think I just gagged on my vitamins. I am now taking them at night!

Will post again after our appointment on Tuesday! Happy Spring :)

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