Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Shower #2

The Everetts had a sweet baby shower for me up in Monroe. Matt's aunts from Tennessee, Kentucky, and Augusta, GA all came into town for the shower. It was so great to see them all. Matt's kindergarten teach, Miss Sally, was even there. She is a BIG GATOR fan, so she and I get along just fine! She gave us several cute baby GATOR items!

I had sent the fabric for the nursery bedding up to Monroe to have a seamstress there make the bedding. Laurel was able to use some of the extra fabric to decorate for the shower. It was neat to see my colors/fabric around. They were also able to use the kissing balls from our wedding as centerpieces! I loved seeing them again. Now, Matt's mom is going to turn them into mini kissing balls to hang in the nursery!

We received several special gifts. Matt's Aunt Debbie gave us 2 handmade teddy bears. She made one out of a shirt that belonged to Matt's grandfather and the other out of a dress that belonged to his grandmother! We were both really touched. His grandparents were/are very special to him. Then, Matt's family gave us a baby bracelet that was first his niece Maegan's, then his niece Mollie's. Now it is being passed on to Baby E!  And no Everett would be complete without a baseball glove...and Baby E now has a pink and purple one! I know she will love tossing the ball around with her daddy!
The Mattox Sisters: Brenda, Linda, Sandy, Sue, Ann
First John Deer outfit!
Matt was playing golf and stopped in. He got a good laugh out of the GATOR gifts!

Handmade teddy bears

The Entertainment: Mollie Kiss!

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