Sunday, July 31, 2011

34 weeks

I am sorry I have not blogged in a while. When I get home from work at night...I am exhausted! There have been some changes at work. I am now in the clinic in the afternoons instead of in the hospital. It is nice being in one location, but learning a new skill (the office computers) on little sleep, has been challenging! Plus, I have been working hard around the house making sure we have everything put together, put away, washed, etc. I guess this is what they call the "nesting" phase. The nursery is almost done! I am in love with it!! It is exactly what I wanted. Once the final touches are done this week, I will post some pictures.

So here we are at 34 weeks! Time is flying by. I can't believe in a few short weeks, our baby girl will be here! I haven't been feeling so well lately. I am totally swollen all over which makes it more difficult to...well, do anything!! Matt went last weekend and bought me new tennis shoes for work since I cannot fit into anything except flip flops. I usually wear a 6.5 and these are an 7.5W!! Yes, a wide!! It is quite comical! I went to the doctor this week and my blood pressure was up. There was no protein in my urine so I do not have preeclampsia, but she is concerned I am headed in that direction. So she drew some extra labs this week and made me get off my feet. I took Friday off to rest, which was nice. My body, myself, and the baby needed that! She wants me to come back again this week for another check. I met Dr. McIntyre this week. So now, I have officially met all the partners.

This week Baby E is the size of a honeydew melon and can recognize and react to simple songs. She is probably reacting to my voice by plugging her ears! In fact, babies can recognize frequently sung tunes after birth and probably find them soothing. Less cute news: She now urinates about one pint per day. Good thing we have a ton of diapers. Also, her fingernails are almost full grown. She is just getting ready for our first mother/daughter manicure! Oh, I felt her have the hiccups for the first time. That was so funny once I realized what it was! Matt has been able to see her move a lot more lately too. He is kind of grossed out by the weird movements and doesn't know how I sleep with something moving inside of me!

Despite the swelling and still terrible reflux, this is still such an amazing experience and journey. I wouldn't trade it for anything. What a blessing to be able to be pregnant and feel my baby's every move. I will certainly miss that in a few weeks. Right now, I get to take her everywhere with me and it makes me sad to think I will go back to work and she won't be with me! I know there is nothing like having your first child. Every aspect is brand new. Every symptom, every movement, every gift you receive to prepare for the baby! I am loving the preparation and can't wait to meet my daughter.
Look at that swollen face! I look like a blow fish.

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  1. Girls, girls, girls...gotta love em! Reese made me so swollen. I could totally relate with your post. Baby E must have lots of hair...the heartburn! Can't wait to meet her!