Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nicole's Tea Party Baby Shower

Janice, Laura, and I threw Nicole a tea party baby shower in preparation for Declan. It was a nice lunch with an intimate group of girls. Nicole is having her second boy, so it was fun to do something girly for her! She didn't want a shower since it is her second and another boy, but Laura and I pushed her a little...and Janice hit the ball out of the park! I think she is glad she decided to do it!

A tea room is obvisouly a bit girly, so we had to work a little magic to make it work with our boy theme. Laura made beautiful flower arrangements with blue hydrangeas and white roses. I put my new sewing skills to the test with making my first blanket which we draped over the favor table. Janice has been taking sewing lessons with Nicole and me, so she made a precious bib with the same fabric as the blanket. Since Nicole, Janice and I have been learning together, we knew Nicole would love the gifts...including their imperfections!

We passed around a book for everyone to write a little note to Declan. The book is "The Night You Were Born." I remember the first time I read it...actually, I gave it to another friend named Nicole. It brought tears to my eyes then, imagine now!

For favors, we gave out Peterbrooke chocolate covered popcorn!! My favorite (was also our wedding favor). The stickers on the front say "Ready to POP!". It was a nice afternoon. Nicole is scheduled for her C-section on September 1. We can't wait to meet Declan.

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