Friday, October 28, 2011

7 weeks old

Time sure is flying by. I can't believe our little peanut is 7 weeks old already!! We are getting ready to celebrate her first Halloween...but more importantly in Mommy and Daddy's book...her first Florida/Georgia!! We have some cute "neutral" outfits for her to wear.

The past 2 weeks have been challenging. My milk production kept decreasing, making for a very frustrated baby and mommy. It caused a lot of tears for both of us and after much deliberation...and more tears...I stopped breastfeeding. I still have milk in the freezer, so she is still getting a small amount of breastmilk daily. We decided to use a soy formula as she had difficulty with gas when I would eat dairy. My brother and I both were on this same soy formula, Prosobee, which smells terrible!! But she is adjusting well...and now Daddy can help with some of the night time feedings once Mommy goes back to work.

Her new favorite thing is the vibrating/bouncy seat. It keeps her at a good angle, so we put her in it after eating to try to prevent some of her spitting up. It helps calm her down at times. She still loves taking a bath and sometimes has to get multiple baths a day!

The other new challenge in our lives is 5-8pm. For some, this is Happy Hour, for is not (but sometimes does include a cocktail!). Amelia is not very happy during these hours. Sometimes she doesn't want to eat and not much consoles her. We took turns rocking her and walking around the house. Finally we decided to load her up in the car and go for a ride. It worked great! We rode around the beach and picked up some take-out. She slept great in the car, awoke when we got home for her bottle and then went back to sleep. The next night, we put her in the car again. It calmed her down, but she awoke when we got home. It took a little while, but she settled again. Matt said we are not going to make a habit of this! Yeah right Daddy!!! I don't care how much gas costs...a sleeping baby is priceless. I am sure this is just a phase and we will figure it out. Crockpot dinners are coming in handy as we never know exactly when we are going to eat!

She is so alert and loves looking at objects. She really talks a lot when we lay her on her changing table and watches the flowers and butterflies that dangle above. We have videotaped her a few times. Love hearing her coos!

Aren't I too cute?!?!

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