Saturday, October 29, 2011

Florida-Georgia 2011

I hate being caught in the middle
Florida-Georgia is a fun time and special to Matt and I as that is where we met. This year, we knew we could not participate like we usually do, but decided to head down to the stadium to walk around for a little while anyway. The weather was rainy and cold in the morning, but the weather channel said it would clear up, so we trusted them and headed downtown. The weather was beautiful! Florida-Georgia is not a place I would normally take little kids, but since Amelia had been having such rough nights, we thought getting out and getting some fresh air might do us all some good. First, we found our Monroe group! Matt's friends from Monroe tailgate in the same place every year. The ladies knew Mimi would be so jealous that they got to see Amelia, that they all took pics and texted them back home! We then headed over to RV city to see our Jacksonville friends! We went inside the RV to change and feed Amelia. We then tried out the Baby Bjorn for the first time. Amelia loved it and was very content being held that way. She napped in the Bjorn and slept like a log. After lunch we headed home to watch the game. Unfortunately...the DAWGS won! We will get them next year GATORS!

That night, Amelia did NOT fuss and slept great. That is when we figured out that all the fussing might be realted to reflux. Being upright in the Bjorn all day may have helped her symptoms. We upped her dose of Zantac and have been using the Bjorn more throughout the day.

So, Amelia got to experience her first FL/GA...which she basically slept through. Hopefully it will be a long time before she goes back!
Tailgating looks a little different this year!

Our Monroe girls!

Excited to see Tara and Jason

First time using the Bjorn!

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