Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

For years I have driven by pumpkin patches and couldn't wait for the day I could visit one with my little pumpkin! Well, today that finally came true! Isle of Faith UMC by our house has an adorable little pumpkin patch. We thought this would be a good place for one of Amelia's first outings. We had to plan our trip for a time we knew she would be awake. She usually naps from 12-2, then eats, so we planned to go this afternoon. The weather was perfect! I dressed her up in the halloween gown I sewed while I was pregnant. I couldn't wait to put it on her. She looked so adorable! We asked my mom to join us and off we were! It was a short outing, but we got some cute pictures, and of course, a pumpkin! This year we chose a different looking pumpkin that is white and orange. I look forward to going back next year and letting Amelia pick out the pumpkin.

Our Little Pumpkin

Our unique looking pumpkin

With Gigi

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