Monday, October 31, 2011

Amelia's First Halloween

I did not go all out this year with a costume as I knew she would be too tiny. I found a cute little lamb hat on Etsy and decided to order that. I also ordered a little white gown and decided to glue "wool" on her gown. I have been using a hot glue gun since I was a kid and have never had a serious burn...until now. It pains me just thinking about it! I burnt the dickens out of my left middle finger. It instantly bubbled and began to peel. But I managed to finish Amelia's little gown! Well, first lesson of motherhood...DON'T dress the kid until you are ready for the event!! I dressed her in her little gown, put her in her carseat and began loading the car to head over to mom and dad's. I came into the kitchen to load up her carseat when I heard it...she puked ALL OVER the gown and her carseat! What a mess! After we got all cleaned up (using caution with the boo-boo finger!) I then cried because I didn't have a costume for her! Deep down I knew it wouldn't matter because she was too young, but try telling my hormones that! I still cried anyway. After I pulled myself together, I found a little white outfit that worked just fine. It wasn't perfect, but we put her in the Bjorn so you could only the see hat anyway.

We had pizza at mom and dad's and then met up with the O'Sullivans and the Batsch's for some trick-or-treating. All the kids were adorable and the weather was great! Amelia slept in the Bjorn while we walked around. I am sure her 2nd Halloween will be more exciting.

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