Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Amelia's First Christmas

Eventhough Amelia cannot understand Christmas yet, there is definitely something magical about having a child at Christmastime. It was diffcult to get things done this year since I went back to work on December 1. I was wrapping gifts at the last minute and never got around to decorating the outside of the house. But nonetheless, the spirit was vibrant in our home! We had new ornaments on the tree this year for Amelia, and of course, a new stocking hung on our mantel. It was fun to visit Santa, several times, and celebrate with our families.

Helping Mommy cook
On Christmas Eve, we went to my mom and dad's for dinner and to open gifts. We had a wonderful meal with ham, cherry sauce, vegetables, pineapple casserole, sweet potato casserole, corn casserole, chocolate cake and carrot cake! Can't forget the cakes!!

Amelia got several fun gifts including an Elmo from Grandma, a Rocking Snail and Polo sweater from Uncle Ryan, a stool with her name on it, an ornament, and a Smart Trike from Gigi and Papa. The Smart Trike is a 3-in-1 stroller/bike combo. At this age, Amelia is strapped in it like a stroller. It has a sunshade overhead and a cell phone that she loved chewing on. As she grows, it will convert into a parent controlled tricycle and eventually a regular toddler tricycle. She loved going for a ride in it.

Christmas morning was nice and quiet. We took things at a slow pace, enjoyed some coffee and opened presents. My mom and dad came over for lunch and Matt fried a turkey. We were stuffed and just laid around for the afternoon!! That night, Matt's parents and niece, Maegan, came into town. They visited for a few days and took care of Amelia on the 26th so we could go to the Chung's Boxing Day party for a little while.

I am really looking forward to the years ahead. I know Christmastime will be fun and joyous with a little one in the house. I am sure Christmas morning won't be quiet ever again!

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