Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Trip to Monroe for Thanksgiving

Since I was still on maternity leave, we decided to go to Monroe for Thanksgiving and spend some quality time there. Usually our visits are too brief, but with Amelia on board now, we wanted to make sure everyone had some time with her. Plus, we weren't sure how the car ride would go, so we wanted to allot plenty of time. The ride went very smoothly. We had our normal day, gave Amelia her bath, fed her, but instead of putting her to bed, put her in her carseat and got on the road. She slept great and woke up around 10:30 for her last feeding of the night. We were just about Macon which was a good stopping point. After she ate, she went right back to sleep and we finished the drive. That first night, Amelia slept great, but Matt and I did NOT! We are not used to having Amelia in our room, and she sure makes a lot of noises while sleeping that I guess we don't hear over the monitor!

We arrived late Monday night and left Saturday. While there, we got to play with Amelia's cousins, visit Papa's green houses, go to church, have family pictures taken with the whole family, have family Christmas, take Amelia's first Christmas pictures...and of course eat turkey and all the fixin's. We had a big Thanksgiving lunch with way too much food. It was wonderful...and did not help with my weight loss goals! After lunch, everyone rested, then we headed back to Gammy's for family pictures. Matt's cousin Kirstin is a wonderful photographer. She took our picture in the field behind Gammy's house. Everyone was in some shade of brown, ivory, tan, and pops of orange! I can't wait to see the pictures. Carson wasn't feeling well and Amelia...well, she just wasn't having it, so it will be interesting to see how they turn out!

I did not do Black Friday shopping this year. Instead, I took Amelia to Kirstin's studio for her Christmas pictures. Kirstin has an absolutely adorable studio! I want one...eventhough I can't take a picture to save my life! Amelia cooperated so well, even with 2 outfit changes. I kept the clothes simple this year, it was more about the accessories! We did a onesie with her monogram and red legwarmers with white fur. They looked like Santa Pants. She had a Santa hat, candy cane bow, burgandy bow with rhinestones, and her birthday suit!! Kirstin drapped white lights across the background for one shot. That is the one in which Amelia wore her birthday suit! I can't wait to see the pictures.

While in Monroe, Matt got to hunt daily. He was so excited. One night he came home proud to have shot a doe. He told Amelia not to get attached to Bambi. We now have a freezer full of Venison.

It was great to spend the week together. Maegan was a big help with Amelia. Mollie LOVED her new cousin "Millie Mae" and wanted to help too! Carson, well he didn't like his mama holding the baby! She will grow on you Bud!

After a hard day of hunting, Uncle Matt got pampered by Mollie

Mollie excited to finally be holding "Millie Mae"!
Mollie feeding Amelia

All the yummy food!

Maegan and Amelia

Amelia's First Thanksgiving, wearing her Turkey shirt I made!

Matt introducing Amelia to Gammy

Amelia sitting in Papa's poinsettias in his green house

Amelia rocking with Mimi on the porch

The Cousins!
Mollie (3), Amelia (11 weeks), Maegan (13), Carson (16 months)
Amelia's first Thanksgiving was a great time!

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