Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Lodge Family finally visits!

Poor Sarah has been chomping at the bit to meet Amelia! Everytime she planned a trip to Jacksonville to meet Amelia, something happened. The first time, I cancelled, because Amelia was a having a rough few days with reflux and I couldn't bare the thought of her screaming keeping everyone up! So we rescheduled for sometime in October and RJ got sick, postponing that trip. So December came around and we were going to make it work. RJ still had a cold, but was on antibiotics and Amelia had finally received her shots, so we made it a go! Sarah was afraid Amelia would be 1 before she met her!

It was so great seeing them. Times sure have changed though with 2 little ones in the mix. We did Breakfast with Santa in the morning, pedicures in the afternoon, and laid low in the evening. Matt and Ryan fixed a feast with smoked ribs and chicken. We got both kids to bed and ate in silence! It was so nice to see them. I wish we lived closer. We are planning a trip to Sarasota in May to see them. The boys are planning this around Tarpon fishing. Imagine that!!

In all the rush of dealing with 2 babies, we forgot to take pictures until the last minute. So the pictures are a bit rough. Amelia was fussing for nap time and RJ was trying to eat breakfast, but not feeling very well! Hopefully we get better pictures in May. I mean, they are going to get married someday so we need good pictures!

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