Sunday, August 7, 2011

Couples Shower

Our wonderful friends threw us a couples shower so Matt could be involved in the celebration. Nicole, Stacie, Meghan, and Laura hosted a beautiful shower at Laura's house. Every detail was perfect. They didn't even know we were using birdies in the nursery, but the shower theme used birds in the invitations and decorations. Everything was super cute, but not too girly, so Matt still enjoyed it. The colors were light pink, hot pink, brown, and turquoise. Stacie made an adorable diaper cake and diaper cupcakes. The diaper cake had a tutu and crown on it! Baby E has her very first tutu!!

For dinner, they had it catered by Maggiano's. The food was fantastic. For dessert, they had cupcakes and Nicole made 2 birdie cakes to replicate the invitation. She is so creative and talented! The cakes were just adorable. Then, Meghan made cake pops as the favors!! This was my first experience with a cake pop!! They were fantastic. Everyone loved them!! She made carrot cake as she knows that is Matt's favorite. I think that was his favorite part of the night.

The guys were hesitant to help open gifts, but they ended up having fun with it! Thanks to Jon, opening gifts was actually entertaining. He got the ball rolling, then Matt joined in on the fun. Jon and Matt both tried on the nursing cover. Matt pretended to nurse a baby, wear the cover, and drink a beer at the same time. My favorite part was when I opened a pack of pacifiers and Matt thought they were ear plugs to prevent swimmers ear! This should be an interesting journey my friends!

We received so many wonderful gifts. Everyone hated that only the practical stuff was left on our registry, but we really needed that bottles, pacifiers, diapers, etc. I think we are about set now. We also received some neat gifts like a hand sewn bib from Nicole and Rock and Roll lullabies from the Ebeners. Baby E is one lucky little girl and we are lucky parents to have such wonderful and supporting friends. Thanks for an amazing night. It was fun to get to celebrate as a group.

Diaper cake and cupcakes

Dessert table with birdie cakes

Birdie cakes made by Nicole to replicate the invitation

Cake Pops by Meghan!!

Maggiano's Catering

The hostesses: Stacie, Meghan, Laura, Nicole

Invitation: Mommy and Daddy birds with an egg in the nest!

Baby E

Nicole (33 weeks), Laura, me (32 weeks)

The Guys

Mommy & Daddy!

Jumping into a cupcake!

Cute bathing suit with ruffles

Trying on the gifts!

Jon "nursing" a baby!

Daddy getting some practice

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