Friday, August 19, 2011

36 weeks? 37 weeks? Who knows?!?!

I had my appointment today with Dr. Barnes. If you remember way back at the beginning of this journey, they had a hard time determining my due date. It was between September 5th and September 12th. Based on my first ultrasound, the doctors decided to stick with the September 12th date. But today, Dr. Barnes told me he thought I was more in line with the September 5th date and he didn't think I would make it until September. He did not examine me, so I am not sure what he is basing this on, but he just delivered his 9000th baby on Wednesday, so I will give him some credit!! Either date, it is up to Miss Everett when she would like to make her appearance and I am sure she is not consulting a calendar in there. Atleast, I don't think there is room for one in there! Here is a picture of my foot. Maybe he is basing his opinion on my swelling?!?! Who knows!!

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