Friday, August 26, 2011

Bun is still in the oven!

So, we will call this little adventure our "trial run". We sat down with Dr. Barnes, the senior partner of the group, yesterday and had a much better conversation. This is the man that has delivered over 9000 babies!! He left us feeling much more confident in the decisions being made. He had no problems delivering a baby that could be 37 or 38 weeks. He said, either way, the baby is full-term and would do well. Especially since it is a girl, as their lungs mature faster. He was more concerned with the fact that I was not dilated at all. At the point we spoke with him, the urine test for pre-eclampsia was not complete. If it was positive, he would certainly induce me. But if negative, he did not want to induce for a diagnosis of gestational hypertension in a person that was not dilated. He said that would be a very rough induction, long labor, and would probably end up in a C-section. Since I only had 4 or 5 elevated blood pressures while hospitalized, he was comfortable sending me home on bedrest to keep my blood pressures stable and try to let my body dilate on its own. So, at 8pm, we received the news that the urine test was negative for pre-eclampsia and we were sent home. I am to remain off my feet and return on Monday for another check. Dr. Barnes will be retiring next week from deliveries. I am sad that my chances of him delivering our baby are very slim but so grateful he was on-call yesterday to handle this situation and put both of our minds at ease. Several people prayed he was the man on-call and we are so grateful for answered prayers!

Since I thought we were being induced, I went ahead and took some pictures on our way in. I will post them anyway as our "trial run". I also received some beautiful flowers from work!
Leaving for the hospital

Arriving at Baptist Downtown

Checking in

My first room, which flooded, and then had to move to room 7

Flowers from McIver Clinic

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