Monday, May 30, 2011

25 weeks

We are moving right along; another week has flown by. This week, Baby E is gaining a sense of equilibrium and learning to distinguish right side up from upside down. She is very active and I am loving watching my belly move. In the evenings, she is most active and I could just stare at my belly for hours.

Swelling continues. I can no longer wear my wedding rings. I kept squeezing them on every day but finally gave up that battle. My mom had to have her rings cut off when she was pregnant with me, so I decided to stop wearing mine. I had Matt get out my great great grandmother's ring from the safe. It is a bit bigger and I hate walking around with a big belly and no ring on!

Apparently my face has started to swell. People just don't filter what they say! I had about 12 people comment this week on my "chubby cheeks". That is exactly what a pregnant girl wants to hear. Also, I had a pharmacist ask me if I had collagen injected into my lips! Really?!?! Because that is exactly what every pregnant woman wants to do...inject more fat into her body! Seriously people.

I bought compression knee highs to wear to work. I will wear them tomorrow for the first time. We shall see if they help. Matt can't decide which is sexier...compression knee highs or cankles (pics to come)!!

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