Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

We have been very productive this weekend. Since this house was a foreclosure, the yard needs a lot of TLC. It had not been tended to for quite some time before we bought it. Parts of the yard are coming to life with just water, but others may need replacing. This weekend we worked on some of the flower beds. Of course, grass is growing in the flower beds...where we DON'T want it. As well as weeds. Matt has been working hard on bringing some life to our palms. Most of them look great, but one may need replacing. We cleaned out the beds, planted some smaller plants, and then spread lava rocks. Doesn't sound like much, but in this heat, we only worked in the afternoons. I am loving working outside and enjoying the fresh air. Eventhough it is 90 degrees, we have a great breeze off the water. Plus, I got some much needed sun!
Clearing out the weeds and overgrown grass
Need to replace this palm, still deciding on a replacement tree.
Panama Jack killing the weeds!
Starting to look much better!

Swollen (and dirty) feet after working in the yard!

In the mornings, Matt had another project. He got these science lab cabinets from a construction project my dad is working on. They were tan and blue (like the upper cabinet), so Matt decided to paint them Black & Red!! Here is a pic of the project.

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