Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 23

This past week brought on some new events: more acid reflux, swollen ankles, and blood in my urine.  My ankles only swelled one night, but it was pretty weird looking. I am now trying to put my feet up more. Then this morning I woke up with a sharp pain in my side and noticed blood in my urine. The perk of working in urology, I was able to test my urine at work, which confirmed the blood, and then have an ultrasound to rule out kidney stones. Kidney stones are really common in pregnant women, but luckily, the ultrasound showed no signs of stones. They are now culturing my urine. Hopefully it is just a UTI. I have been pushing even more water than normal and cranberry juice.

Our biggest milestone this week...Matt felt the baby kick! We were actually at TPC when she consistently kept kicking in the same spot. I was so excited that Matt finally got to feel her kick, and so was he!

So, this starts Week 23. These weeks are just flying by. I started washing Baby E's clothes. We have received so many precious outfits from my friend Jami. She has 2 littles girls, Sophia and Abby, and Jami has generously passed along their clothes. Not to mention the clothes I have bought (don't read that line Matt!). It was fun washing the little items and folding them, well, trying to fold them! I will get better at it! I also went to Babies R Us with Christy and Jami and started my registry. That was very overwhleming. I also had a "phone conference" with my friend Sarah. I have learned that every mommy is different. All 3 girls had very different opinions on EVERYTHING!! So I took what they said and tried to register anyway!

This is my friend Nicole. She is due with a baby boy, Declan, 6 days before me. It has been fun having a friend at the same stages as me through this pregnancy. This is her second child and she has been a big help, support, and provided much guidance. After registering, she reviewed my registry online and then gave me more tips and advice. We are really excited to be starting sewing lessons together later this month. We can't wait and have BIG plans and project ideas!

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