Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1st doctor's appointment

Today was a busy day. I was released from the hospital this morning at 9am. I was nervous we wouldn't get out on time to make Amelia's first doctor's appointment, but we did. We want Dr. Connolly to be our primary doctor, but for this first check-up we had to see who we could get. Therefore, we saw Dr. Shaw. She is the doctor that also saw Amelia in the hospital when she was born. Unfortunately, she has lost more weight. They are not concerned, but said we must wake her to feed every 3 hours. She was 7lbs at birth and now weighs 6lbs 8oz. That weight drop is the most that is acceptable. We will have to go back in 3 days for a weight check. But for now, we will be doing our best to wake and feed her!!
In my carseat and ready to go

Amelia and Daddy in the newborn waiting room

The nurse getting Amelia's measurements

Being examined by Dr. Shaw

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