Saturday, September 10, 2011

A family of 3

That first night, we were moved to our room on the 3rd floor. It was a big room and we later found out a VIP room. I was STARVING and kept eating M&Ms until my dad could find us some food. Eating and more eating...that's what went on that first night. No sleeping! Amelia ate non-stop!! Matt and I could not believe how much she was eating (and she snorts when she eats!). Between the constant feeding and being checked by the nursing staff, we maybe slept a total of 2 hours.

We had several visitors the next day. We were so happy to see Christy, Brandon, Tiffany, and Catherine. I meant to get pictures, but that just didn't happen! Aunt Laurel headed back to Georgia and Aunt Dana and Uncle Steve stopped through town on their way back from a cruise (again, no pictures!). By the second day, the doctors thought we were good to go home. Amelia had lost weight and dropped to 6# 9oz, but they felt this was an acceptable drop. My blood pressure was stable in the 120s-130s. It had been markedly elevated during delivery (170s) but had not been that elevated since. We were exhausted and ready to get home. My good friend Jenny had told me when she had her baby all she could think of was that they entered the hospital as husband and wife, but left as a family. That has stuck with me since and I couldn't believe it was finally happening for me! We bundled Amelia up in her carseat. She looked sooo tiny. The nurse had us put her in the carseat in the room before heading downstairs so we don't have any of those cute pictures of mommy holding the baby in the wheelchair! It is so funny, I worried over picking the right "take home" outfit, but in the end, you can barely see her anyway!

We were so nervous putting her in the car for the first time. Matt drove very slowly over the train tracks on the way out of the hospital. I knew it would be a long ride home! We stopped and picked up Cubbie on the way home. He didn't even realize there was someone new in the car! I guess we are actually a family of 4!
The fancy towels in our room
Wreath on my door made by my sister-in-law out of the ribbons from my shower
Brandon meeting Amelia

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