Friday, September 9, 2011

Amelia Mae Everett

After a much anticipated wait, we are so excited to introduce our daughter Amelia Mae Everett. She was born on September 8, 2011 at 8:23pm. She was delivered by Dr. Boyd and a wonderful L&D nurse, Mindy. Matt was more involved than he thought he would be, but loved getting to meet his daughter. I had some complications at the end of delivery, so I didn't get to hold Amelia immediately. Daddy got to hold her for the first 30 minutes of her life and he was hooked! She kept rooting around and he told her he had nothing for her. She puckered out her bottom lip and Matt's heart melted. He would have given her the moon at that point if he could have!

After 30 long minutes, I finally got to hold my baby girl! Words cannot express the flood of emotions and immediate love I felt. Everyone left the delivery room and I got to be alone with Amelia and nurse her for the first time. That was such a special moment that only I share with her. I will never forget how I felt!

So, Matt went to the waiting room to finally announce to the family our daughter's name!! The long awaited moment...Amelia Mae, no longer Baby E. We have known the name for quite some time, but managed to keep it a secret. Matt was very adamant when looking at names that we not choose a popular name. We referenced all of the baby lists as well as the social security website. They post the top 100 names that received new SSN each year. It is neat to look all the way back to the 1920s! When we came across Amelia, we both immediately knew it was a top contender (and not in the top ten of popular baby names). As you know, we got married in Amelia Island and the theme of the nursery was based on our wedding. How perfect it would then be to name our daughter Amelia! An added bonus...Amelia is a derivative of the name Emily. Emily was my grandmother's name and a name I had always considered to name my daughter...but it was # 6 on the most popular name list.

So on to a middle name. There are several names that sound pretty with Amelia, but we wanted to choose a middle name that had meaning to both sides of the family. That is how we chose Mae. Matt's niece is named Maegan. She is 13 years old and a well rounded young lady. She is the eldest cousin and we know will be such a good role model for Amelia. She has a strong sense of family, faith, and friendship. On my side, Mae comes from a very close family friend Ellamae. When I was born, she and her husband, Papa Jack, were our neighbors. Ellamae never had children and took to me immediately, and later my brother. She was a very independent and strong woman with a big heart. Amelia is lucky to have Maegan as a role model and Ellamae as a guardian angel.

Gigi and Amelia

Mimi and Amelia

Aunt Laurel and Amelia

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